People always ask why I only upload one video a week. It’s simple-every other “list channel” on YouTube has a goal of pumping out and flooding the site with as many videos as they can possibly make. I don’t do that. Unlike them, my one and only focus is, and always has been, the quality of my content, not quantity. So while they all copy and paste some text they found from a Wikipedia article over a picture they found on Google images, I strive for more.

I do in-depth research from several different sources to find the most interesting points to present to you. I scour the web for images I feel will best portray the subject matter. I make sure to include my face, my personality, and a bit of humor into every video. I edit in cool special effects. I take the time to respond to every message I get and interact with you all throughout the week. And this is all me. No team. No help. Me. Just me.

So before you compare me to other list channels that all have teams of people behind them, remember that I alone do all of this. Because I care about you-I value and appreciate YOU.

That, friends, is why I only put out one video a week.

dallasrulez asked:

Hey Matt my name is dallas i have been watching ur videos for almost a year i have seen them all i would like to start making videos can u tell me what camera u use and a good editing soft wear thanks a lot i hope u reply

Canon 60D, and I use Sony Vegas Pro 13! :)